Friday, January 20, 2012

More Sortings

I am spending much of my active time this week sorting through the remaining bins of yarn I have, eking out some for sale, and noting what is where using an excel spreadsheet.
I plan to go over all of the yarn once more before we move, to place the yarns in more logical conjunction, one with another.
(heh.. can you tell I've been reading historical romances from my choice of words?)
I would like to have all the fingering weight yarns in one place, all the non-critter yarns in one place (plus silks, silk worms are critters but silk has some of the same rigid tendencies as cotton, hemp, linen and various processed plant fibers like rayon) Then among the critter yarns there are the worsted yarns, plenty for more than one bin, and the larger yarns like Aran and bulky weights, probably not enough to fill a bin of their own. Then there is the collection of completed work, perhaps to sell on ebay and the works in progress that I need to have out near my chair. And the yarn reserved for patterns I have completed but not yet knit. And the blue, grey, green yarns I have set aside for the afghan I want to make for our new home, which has been ripped out yet again. (At least remaking the afghan is keeping me busy enough to stop fretting about things I cannot control.)
I also have collected a large bag of scraps NOT in the afghan's colors to play with. I am enamoured with the Yarn Harlot's new mitten pattern, Cloisoneé. The mittens would help several charities I am interested in.
In all this time spent with yarn this week, I have not knit or crocheted for a single minute! I can't remember the last time I went for so long without making something.
I have been through the three bins and two big bags that were in the studio and am now working on the yarn in the livingroom. I think I am about done for the day, my abdomen is swollen and complaining and I need to be in good shape for tomorrow's planned outing to meet a friend of Oscar's who has become my friend as well via email. I am looking forward to meeting her, and her young daughter.... neither of them know how to knit ... yet.
(image is a wallpaper provided by Knit Picks, full size version is found HERE)


Don Meyer said...

Now don't go making me feel guilty just because I have things to sort through and put away. And I'm not even moving.

When might Oscar hear about his interviews?

Blue said...

Hope all went well with Oscar's interview. Love his new picture!

AlisonH said...

I wish I could come over and help out. I hope the outing was great fun!