Monday, December 19, 2011

"...of the month club"

Sparked by a recent Yarn Harlot post, I have become curious about clubs which, for a set amount of money, will send you a new item within a general category once each month for a year. In at least some cases, the cost per item is more than if you shopped and bought the same item for yourself.
I guess in part it is about the surprise (although some clubs tell you exactly what item you will receive when).
I had heard about such things as Fruit of the Month clubs or Jelly/Jam of the Month clubs and that seemed to make a bit of sense. After all a family of 4 might go through a jar of jam in a month, and not knowing what will show up might make it pleasant to receive those boxes in the mail. It also makes a nice holiday gift, that reminds the person gifted each month that you cared enough to choose this subscription for them.  That of course supposes that the giftee enjoys the items that arrive.
My mom likes a certain publisher imprint of romance books, and pays to have about 6 of them per month sent to her. They are often in series, which she and I both enjoy. I like following characters after the happy ending, and they often have appearances in later books.
All that sounds kind of fun. In fact it would be really fun to shop one year by matching the people in my life up with an ' of the month' club that they may enjoy. And finding those extra quirky deals would be entertaining as well.
For example, you'd have to choose just the right person to get the Pickle of the Month Club.
Perhaps Don's birds would enjoy the Parrot 'Polly Wanna Pinata' of the Month club. There are more birdy month clubs found here (including a birdy diaper of the month club)
The Jigsaw Puzzle of the Month club sounds like quite a bit of fun, too.
I am pretty sure our friend Chris would enjoy the Astronaut Autgraph of the Month club, he made a special trip to Florida to watch the final shuttle launch.
Oscar would enjoy a Beer, Jerky, Olive Oil, or Salsa club, I think.
Perhaps even a Bacon of the Month club. (Though we eat bacon more like twice a year :-}
Perhaps the most interesting information on the topic I found HERE. It's all about unique, limited edition hand made craft 'of the month' clubs. Squid paintings, a new one every month. Or perhaps a hand made doll.
Some of them sound extra charming, like a Painting of the Month Club where the artist not only sends you a painting each month but also (quoting the above article) "You also get a t-shirt, a magazine subscription, first dibs on any of his paintings, entry into a raffle, and (my favorite part) a free portrait of you and your pet. All for $133. Can’t beat that with a paint stick."
(image from Dreamstime)


AlisonH said...

Moss of the Month. Okay, I'm ready. We use to have patches of moss in a certain part of our yard that all disappeared (other areas still have it).

Turns out, I read in the Avian Architecture book, that moss and spider silk are prime bird nesting ingredients. The silk for strength and framework, the moss for lining.

My neighbor showed me the gaps in some of the leaves in his squash plants: he'd found them in nests, too. He thought it was very cool, and I knew he is too!

Don Meyer said...

Don? Who he?
I thank thee
Seriously! said...

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