Monday, December 26, 2011

Balmy Boxing Day and Turkey Dogs

Today's high was 43 degrees here in Michigan.
Oscar and I took a break and a bit of a wander. We were able to find some catnip growing wild and bring back a treat for the cats as well.
(old photo of Buddha above... she does love her nip!)
Oscar and I are always trying to find ways to eat more healthily, and he discovered a great one this week.
He brought home our favorite brand of hotdog, but in the turkey version. I have never liked turkey dogs, they tend to be grainy and almost plastic in texture, but these were exceptionally good. I would have had trouble knowing they were turkey except for a very slight difference in flavor.
The best bit is that they are 40 calories as opposed to the 90 calories of their beef version, and incredibly less fatty . They are slightly smaller, but just as satisfying. We won't miss the beefy ones at all, I think.
One more tool for health :-}
Buddha isn't well, the vet thinks she has a small tumor in her right sinus area.
I am a firm believer in only taking steps with my animal's comfort in mind, and we have decided to treasure the time she has left with us, however short or long it may be without taking intrusive and painful measures. She has been my cat since she was 4 weeks old. She was brought to us and named by my then stepson and that just adds to the importance she has in my life.
She is now around 15 years old, and according to the vet otherwise in very good health for her age.
Our other cats are also getting on in years. Basil is also around 15, Moonie is 12 or 13.
Buddha is still happy and playful, interested in everything. She spends her days curled up at my right hip on her special pillow (when she isn't in a patch of sunshine). I hope we will have her for some time to come, sometimes these things take care of themselves, but I am also bracing myself for a difficult decision should her health get worse.


'Zann said...

I send healing thoughts for Buddha. I think your decision is wise and compassionate and what is best for Buddha. Huge medical interventions for our animal friends of advanced years seem to me a form of cruelty.

AlisonH said...

I'm so glad you've had her for all the time that you have, and for the happy memories she and the others have given you.

Ria said...

Sending my thoughts and skritches for Buddha.

My friend's cat (I have officially adopted him as my catphew) is totally into the 'nip... and elephant porn(long story- ask her) believe it or not I managed to get both together for his Christmas present - but you will have to wait until mid-january when I take the Angie back to school when he gets it to see (cause he is really smart and probably can read this blog when she's not home)

Anonymous said...

Yet again I'm impressed with your awesome attitude. 15 years is a wonderful life for a cat and so whatever else you get is definitely gravy. I lost my 19-year-old cat this summer and I definitely felt lucky with every day I got past age 15. You've done good by her! :)

Don Meyer said...

I agree with all the above, including your attitude about Buddah's care.

Buddah -- what an appropriate name for a cat!

Kym said...

Enjoy every day with Buddha! I wish her the happiest of days for the rest of her life. Lots of catnip. Lots of cuddles. Peace.

Lene Andersen said...

taking steps only with your animals comfort in mind… What a lovely way to phrase it. I hope Buddha will be comfortable for a good while longer.