Monday, November 28, 2011

Hats for Sale $20

UPDATE: The hat has found a new owner!!

I will be selling hats.
If you are interested in a specific design (for example, a fair isle design in two specific colors, or a certain word or name knit into the hat) Contact me at otterwise AT gmail DOT com and I will knit them to order for $25.00. The hats will be made from 100% wool for the most part, with perhaps some occasional alpaca.
We have a paypal account with that email.

I will also be selling ready-made hats, as I get them finished.
I visited home yesterday, and most of my hats have new owners now (I let neices and nephs choose) but I still have this one ready for someone, if you want to buy it.
It is a combination slouchy/beret rasta-type hat made to fit a head between 22 and 23 inches around. On a larger head it looks like it does on Oscar. It is 100% wool.


Kym said...

Love the colors! You both look fabulous in orange! :-)

morewithles said...

Yea! Good luck with it all. Your hats are awesome. :)

Don Meyer said...

Hey, I can go for that! May I mail you a check? I don't have a Paypal account.