Friday, September 02, 2011

same-oh same-oh

Not much excitement around Casa de Nutria (not the swamp rodents in southern Louisiana, but Spanish for  'otter', and please forgive any grammatical mistakes, I don't speak Spanish yet.)

Oscar rocked his first certification exam, and is studying hard for the second. He thinks he might be able to take the second exam next week already.

I've been under the weather (again) but have managed to write and submit two more reviews.

My Kaleidoscope pattern has been accepted at Knit Picks, and is scheduled for their next photo shoot.

We had a fairly long string of pleasant days, but today and tomorrow are very hot and sticky... High of 97... it being Michigan, Monday's high is slated to be 67. Yep. A HIGH of 67.

Universal Yarns sent me a skein of yarn for testing. So far it has passed the multiple frogging test (rippit rippit) and I have decided I like it best at a very loose gauge.

We go to visit my parents on Tuesday, no other big plans in the works.


Ria said...

Great Job Oscar!!! We're rooting for you!

(I am so glad you qualified that nutria statement)

I wish we could get a high of 67... soon... soon.

Don Meyer said...

Our temps have been pretty moderate for the past couple of weeks -- high 70's - low 80's. That keeps me happy.

Get well sooner!

AlisonH said...

Have a wonderful visit, and congratulations to Oscar!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I really LIKE those slow days. I was thinking of you yesterday as I was putting jewelry I was wearing in one of your felted bowls. They are so pretty!

I'm still trying to recover from the wedding trip - I'm slow, too. I sent one of my daughter's best friends to look at your patterns, and she really loved them. Paula-Beth is a really sweet person, in case you hear from her. hugs, Ysabeau

Kym said...

Go, Oscar! :-) Hope you're feeling better, Diana. The weather is crazy--hard to figure out what will happen next!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Brrrr.... 67 degrees for a bunch of days in a row. My feet have been chilled all day. Whatever... I guess I just am not in charge again!

Super happy for Oscar, too.