Friday, September 09, 2011

A Good Day

We ended up not travelling on Tuesday to see my folks. We decided instead to plan a trip to visit when they are up in Gaylord, sometime after my birthday (October 6th). The only problem with this is it meant I went more than two weeks without getting out of the house. Tuesday we just worked at home, not even going to the Farmer's Market. Oscar wanted to study for his upcoming exam (scheduled for Monday). Today since the cool weather continued we decided we wanted to make a pot roast, and to get me out of the house we traveled to Coleman's market. They sell produce, some home-canned goods (yummy hot and spicy Chow Chow, Hungarian pepper relish, Sweet onion relish and lots of home-made jams) as well as flowers and the standard fruits and veg, many from local sources. Today we bought potatoes, onions and turnips to use in our pot roast. It took a very short time to clean and cut up the veg and season the roast, and I just popped it in the oven a few minutes ago.
We are both very thankful that all our loved ones are well and safe. A friend I have known online for more than 13 years lost her father this week to a rapidly spreading cancer. It is impossible for me to travel and see her in person, but after she shared her news, I began to knit a shawl for her. I bound off the shawl the same day he died, washed and blocked it, and today it was dry enough to mail to her. I am so grateful that even though I can't be with people I care about in their sad times, I can send tangible hugs with my knitting.
Otherwise things are ok here. Oscar had a small accident with a poorly made chair and injured his back, but we have been able to save enough money back to take care of such emergencies. He just got back from the chiropractor and she told him it was very good he came, and to come back next week as well.
I have made the somewhat difficult decision to sell more of my knitting books. It has taken me years to collect all the volumes of Weldon's Practical Needlework (Volume 3 was especially difficult to find) but when I learned they will be released in ebook form, I decided it made better sense to sell my books now then get the ebooks after things are more stable financially. The big heavy books are becoming difficult for me to read anyway, and we need the money more now than I need the books.
 Another upcoming bill will be the series of blood tests and my yearly physical at the end of this month. The number of pain meds I am on mean the doctor feels more comfortable keeping track of how my system is handling them, and with my immune disorder it is important to check my white blood cell count on a fairly regular basis. As often as I have been ill this year, it is a good idea to get my physical done rather than skip it.
The good news is the money I earned in August from my Knit Picks sales is almost enough to cover the doctor appointment. I have called St. Joe health center to see if they have some kind of sliding scale for the cost of lab work to help people who are unemployed and have no health insurance. It will all work out, I'm sure.
I also have managed to write more reviews this month. My mind has been working well as long as I catch it first thing after I get up :-} So far in September I have submitted eight reviews, almost one per day :-} I will try and keep at this pace or greater. I still have 100 books waiting.
 (photo is of Oscar holding up Ellen's shawl)


AlisonH said...

Love the shawl. Love how you hold others up with your thoughts and your stitches, and how Oscar holds you up, too. Best wishes with it all.

Don Meyer said...

Good Heavens, young lady, you do have enough on your plate! And you still have enough time and energy to think of others. I have to believe that it will all work out for you.

Ria said...

Good Luck to Oscar on Monday!!

Sending you {{{{hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

I am so awed by your great attitude. And I just love the story about the shawl you knit for your friend. What a special gift. You are a good, good person.