Friday, September 23, 2011

Being sick is pretty boring

I have been catching 12 hours of sleep a day, between night time snoozing and an almost daily unavoidable nap.
(Sorry for missing your calls, Don, I will try and call you this afternoon). I got sick twice this week. I have a doc appointment on Tuesday, not much hope that she will discover something we haven't found in ten years, but it will be good to get my yearly physical out of the way. It is possible it is time for my every-5-years pneumovaccine. Although it is just to help avoid pneumonia, I seem to feel better for a month or so right afterward.
I managed to get out of the house last weekend, so that was good. We had hoped to get up to Gaylord for my birthday but between precarious health and Oscar's intense study schedule it's not likely to work out this year. Oscar's back has been bad the past few weeks, too. A long drive like that is not a good idea either.
I have been able to get some rough drafting on the book reviews done, as well as some simple (non -otterwise-design) knitting. I'll have photos of the knitting stuff later, when Oscar has time this weekend to help.
I am feeling better today than I have all week, thanks in large part to all those naps I think :-}
(photo from one of my outings last week)


Don Meyer said...

Sorry to hear you've not been well, and pray that you get better sooner, quicker!

Today (Friday) I won't be home until after 2:30, PDT.

Anonymous said...

Oh, feel better soon!!!