Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Different Kind of Hero

As I look at the calendar today, like many other people my mind turns to that day 10 years ago when the U.S. lost a measure of her innocence. Much of the media has focused on memorializing the lives lost, particularly the members of the military who have died in action since that day ten years ago. Although I honor them and their families as well as those who serve to this day I find September 11th, 2001 bringing to mind a different kind of hero. Yes, the United States lost innocence, lives of fire fighters, EMTs, police and members of the military as well as people who were just going about an ordinary day, but we gained something as well.
With the actions taken by ordinary people we gained an understanding of the potential strength that lies within each of us. Today I honor the people on Flight 93 who knowing they they had the chance to save lives gave their own to crash a plane before it reached its target. I honor all those in New York City who rather than run away from the plume of smoke ran toward the danger hoping to make a difference. Yes, the bravery of the firefighters, military members, police and EMTs is laudable, and they are heroes every day they put on a uniform to do their jobs but to me the more powerful memories are those of the heroes in civilian clothing. What we gained on that day ten years ago was the knowledge and responsibility that each of us carries a hero within. That we can and should make a difference whatever our level of skill, knowledge and physical ability. We are heroes, all.
(photo by Oscar)


Don Meyer said...

We never really know what stuff we're made of until the crisis hits. That day many gave their lives to demonstrate what they were made of.

AlisonH said...


Ria said...

We all have power within we often don't know is there.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I watched a fabulous documentary on CBS last night. And a rookie fire fighter said that 9/11 wasn't about death -- it was about life and humanity. It was really moving. Honestly, I am amazed at the strength people showed. I would have absolutely fallen apart and been useless.