Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday was a good day

Oscar's former employer contested his unemployment benefits once. Then when the State of Michigan upheld Oscar's rights, they challenged them again, this time asking for a hearing on the matter before a judge. That hearing was yesterday. Comcast didn't bother to show up. The file the judge had stated Comcast was trying to claim Oscar left voluntarily. yeah. right.  Anyway, because Comcast didn't show up the judge dismissed the case, and Oscar's unemployment benefits are still active.

Afterward we made a quick stop at the farmer's market, this time I got to hug Janet, another old pal from PTD Productions. I wasn't ready to go home, as the brief trip to the market was the first time I'd left the house for more than three weeks. Not good. So we grabbed a camera and headed out to see the countryside. I took a few shots here and there (and made a video to practice editing) then we stopped at Coleman's market to pick up some fruit, peppers and a few bunches of gladiolus. It was lovely.


Min said...

I'm glad Oscar "won," but what a bunch of crap. That's when you know they just pulled that hoping HE wouldn't show up and they could string this out.

I'm glad you had a good day, though!

Ysabeau said...

Glad it went ok, but sorry for all the stress of this ridiculous trying to withhold his earned benefits. What jerks!

Hope both of you enjoyed the outing, we got back from Susie & Nik's wedding and are pretty wiped out. I find that we just don't enjoy big trips at this moment. hugs! Ysabeau

Don Meyer said...

Both Min and Ysabeau are right -- you don't need a bunch of jerks!

Glad you were able to get out of the house. Too often (like today) I'm out of the house for a doctor's appointment.

Ria said...

so glad you "won"

AlisonH said...

I am SO glad it turned out well. And time out and about and with flowers to top it off--glads are the perfect flowers, in name and celebration.