Monday, August 01, 2011

Happy Lammas

Lammas is a celebration of harvest, particularly grains. Around this time in Michigan you can spot golden fields with recent hair-cuts. The silica in the stems creates an almost metallic shine, causing the fields to resemble textured gold. Five to ten years ago I likely would have celebrated Lammas by baking a loaf or three of homemade bread. These days (until we move to a home with fully-accessible kitchen) I will likely celebrate in a more simple manner, perhaps baking something already made for us. There are some stellar turnovers in the freezer with all-natural ingredients that will be good.  Celebration occurs more from the heart than from what is in the hand, after all. Image from 123rf


Don Meyer said...

Oooohh, the smell of fresh baked bread! Nothing like it.

I'd never heard of Lammas before.

LynnM said...

Hey, if I knew you celebrated I would have sent some dulse for your festivities!
I only went to once--it was VERY crowded! I see there are more horses in our local green, waiting to be traded at the fair.

AlisonH said...

Once upon a time I used to hand grind my own wheat--took about three times through--using a grinder my mother got as a wedding present. I baked it into bread that your post is reminding me of; I'd almost forgotten. Mmm, thank you!