Monday, July 11, 2011

Update- July

I released my most recent pattern in November of last year. It isn't that I haven't been working on them, more that I have been fuzzy-brained more often than clear-minded, I think. The first three months of 2011 I was sick a good part (bad part?) of the time. I am still not 100%. I am sleeping about 2 hours longer each night than my usual, and still needing a nap every day or so. I think it is some pernicious low-level infection. My daily low-grade fever is back after a very brief hiatus last fall. No solution at the moment. Taking antibiotics every time I have a low grade fever would ruin their effectiveness if they are truly needed (for example, if my fever changes from low grade to high.) All that sleep is helping me feel better the time that I am awake :-}
At any rate, the Kaleidoscape pattern will be the next one ready to send out to testers. (Thank goodness for the Free Pattern Testers group on Ravelry, as well as some other Ravelry pals willing and eager to help in exchange for the getting the pattern free!)  I have other patterns mostly done, but I am determined to get this huge project out and away first. I have manged to get roughly 20 reviews done each month, until this month. I have been totally focused on completing Kaleidoscape the past few weeks. It has been worth it, though. With Oscar's help I have sufficient photos to complete the pattern, just waiting for a clear-minded morning or two to draw the schematic and clean up the final directions. After it comes back from the testers I will take more photos with a model for the finished pattern.
I have two more large projects for which I have received yarn support from Knit Picks. One is a Fall/Winter pattern, a shawl of slightly unusual shape based very loosely on a ruana. I have been working on that pattern for a year.  I have the sample about half finished, and the directions written out. In the meantime, the color of yarn I used has been discontinued. I will complete the pattern and if Knit Picks wishes to publish it, I will buy the same yarn in a current color and make a new sample for them.
The other pattern is a summer-weight stole based on my Withig stitch pattern. I am playing about with the direction of the eyelets to make a zig zag or perhaps concentric squares. I am afraid for that I will need to invest in a chart design program. The tools I have do not make small enough text to fit that chart into one page. There is a very useful program for only $44. (The next similar program is $185!).
The antique stitch pattern on which I based my Withig patterns
I am excited about getting through those two patterns and on to some smaller projects. I have LOADS of patterns that I should be able to finish quickly. I won't be publishing anything without testing though. I learned my lesson on that :-}. Lets see, there are 2 hat/scarf sets (one that also has a cowl and mittens). Then there are at least 3 sock patterns I want to make and some patterns based on a vintage potholder pattern collection from 1942 that I have in my book case. I also have two or three self-written lace patterns I want to work up into shawls. (again, need to wait for that chart making software as the pattern charts are currently too big for one page.) I am sure I am forgetting something. I have dozens and dozens of files with partially written patterns on my computer. If I don't jot things down, I forget them completely.
As far as decluttering the house and preparing to move, we have almost 100 auctions up on ebay this week. Many of the auctions are yarn and knitting books. Some of the yarn was given to us to sell by family (bless her!). The money from that will help a lot to create a designated moving fund, pay for our prescriptions (no insurance until Oscar is hired again) and cover the gap between unemployment payments and living comfortably. I severely gutted my bookshelf of knitting books. I ended up keeping less than 10% of what used to be on the shelf. If I end up missing any of the books, I can find a used copy after we move and we are financially more secure. For now, it is best to lighten the moving load and build money for necessities and moving expenses.
Looking at it all written out it feels like I am busy, but having 8 months since my most recent pattern release makes me feel positively sloth-like. Oscar keeps telling me I am too hard on myself. He's a smart guy.
Speaking of that, he has sped through his first classes (with lots of extra studying on his own) and will be taking his first certification test a week from today.
On Sunday my parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. It will be a small gathering, just close family but I am looking forward to it. My brother Ron is in Alaska with his family and won't be able to attend, though. I will miss him being there.
Overall things are going very well. I will take Oscar's advice and stop being so hard on myself.


Kym said...

Oscar is right. You are an amazing woman, Diana! :-)

Don Meyer said...

And you are right about not over doing the antibiotics.

You DO sound busy! Just drop 'sloth like' from your vocabulary, please.

AlisonH said...

Oscar's a sweetie. And so are you and (I can guess who on the yarn...!)