Friday, July 01, 2011

Two Vastly Different Yet Very Good Books.

I read two books yesterday, very different from one another in setting, main character and story line. Both were mysteries, both were first in new series' and both were very well-written. I will be writing full reviews for fresh fiction later but they were good enough I wanted to share the titles. They both come out in July.

First: A Spark of Death by Bernadette Pajer. You can read the first chapter as well as more about the book from the link provided. I can add that the book was very well-researched. I felt I was walking the streets of 1901 Seattle.

Next, My Life as  White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland. Rather than the silly spoof the name suggests, the book was a relatively serious mystery with characters I could care about.  Plus, I love the tattoo on the cover (it says 'I love brains'):-}

Just a little suggested light summer reading :-} And yes, my tastes ARE eclectic, why do you ask? LOL

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Don Meyer said...

WOW! Those look intriguing. I look forward to your reviews. Interestingly enough we will have a first time author, Susan Vasquez, whose mystery is titled "If the Boot Fits". Susan is the niece op one of our residents, and Susan will be here at our park on August 4 to review her book -- a first for her.