Friday, July 29, 2011

Kaleidoscape Ready for Testing!

Whew. It was a long long road, but today I finished the schematic, and prepared the pattern for testing.
After it is in the hands of the testers, I can move on to my beaded lace shawl design, among other things.
(If you wish to be a tester, please contact me at otterwise (AT) gmail (DOT) com.)


Kym said...

Diana, that is such a lovely shawl! I especially love it in the "autumn" colors. Just perfect. Wish I could help you by test-knitting; I am terribly overcommitted at the moment. (Maybe next time!)

Ria said...

That's so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

I really think this is going to do well. I just love it! And I'll be first in line to purchase it when it's released. Great job.

Don Meyer said...

Wow! I'm no tester, but those are gorgeous!