Thursday, June 02, 2011

Oscar the Scholar

One of the things Oscar and I most enjoy about each other is that we both value and get excited about learning new things. We often share articles with each other from newsletters like Smartplanet or Stonepages. We watch lots of History and Discovery Channel programs, and are not satisfied with just watching NASCAR races, we also watch NASCAR Performance, a show that gets into the nitty gritty of the adjustments made to the cars to keep them fast on different tracks. (I'm a huge fan of Bootie Barker, too)
Despite our different educational paths (I wound up with three degrees, Oscar spent the time learning on the job) we both share that thirst for knowledge on almost any subject.
Imagine our delight that part of the Michigan program for unemployment involves encouraging people to further their education whether it be through a traditional degree program or by pursuing certifications specific for the jobs they want to get. Nothing has been firmly established as far as funds coming from the State for Oscar's choice of certification, but he is pursuing it steadily. We hope to find out in a few weeks exactly what they can do for him. In the meantime though he has found a state-approved program that has what he needs and chances are good the State will pay for it. My Oscar soon to be a CERTIFIED Network Specialist. He has been doing many of the things already in his career, but for future employers having those certifications proving his skills will be priceless.


Don Meyer said...

Best of luck, Oscar! is that hairdo a beta antennae?

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Go Oscar!