Thursday, May 05, 2011

My Sister-In-Love; The SOCK STAR!!!!

LynnH of Colorjoy is my beloved Oscar's sister. Back when it was first sinking in that my abdominal surgery wound was not healing as it should, when my long-term disability was ending and we were learning my ankle was no better despite THAT surgery Lynn asked if I would work through one of her patterns. My memory is faulty, but it may have been for First-TimeToe-Up Socks. Perhaps it was the Wristwarmer Pattern, or maybe one of her wraps. At any rate, as a rank beginner, I would be the perfect person to test the directions. If I could make her pattern, ANY one could. Back then, although I didn't know it, I was knitting every stitch twisted, Eastern style. Not surprising when the most recent time I'd learned knitting was from looking at diagrams in a book when I lived in Japan.
At any rate, Lynn was the one who got me started knitting again, and just in time, too. As the rest of my life was falling apart, this renewed fascination with sticks and string helped me focus on the positive. The internet was at my fingertips which allowed me to learn something new every day, almost any question was answered and each answer led me down a trail to a new piece of the puzzle and a new area of interest.
As the months passed, Lynnie asked me to help out on other patterns, which gave me a sense of purpose, and a feeling of being useful. Having the yarn and needles helped me feel in control of my life while my health was destroying some of my dreams. I am not sure she really understands the gift she gave me. The gift I rely on to this very day to help make my life a million times better than it would be without it.
Lynn is achieving a dream this July, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving person. She has been tapped to be an instructor at Sock Summit 2011, and will be teaching five (FIVE!!!) classes. Her name is listed among other heroes of mine: Cookie A., Cat Bordhi, Anne Hanson, Stephanie Pearl-Macfee and even Anna Zilboorg! She is in good company. Her lucky students will be able to experience Lynn's excitement and enthusiasm first hand, and I know no better teacher if one of them is learning a new technique.
I am so proud of Lynnie, I wish I could be there in person, but I know SHE knows I will be there in spirit.


Don Meyer said...

I suppose we all have someone that drags out of the ditch, and switch from negative to positive.

Don Meyer said...

And CHEERS to Oscar and the State of Michigan!

LynnM said...

What a wonderful experience for your SIL and for all the knitters who will be lucky to meet her! I hope they'll go on to inspire others the way she inspired you!

Anonymous said...

That is SERIOUSLY excellent!!!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

You have helped me as much as I have helped you, my friend. I am sure that the ZigBagZ patterns would not have happened (at least in such excellence) without your expert and loving teamwork. They continue to be star members of my pattern catalog.

Early on you did a Who's Got the Button Hat, at a firm gauge... and a Party Stole at a significantly relaxed gauge. I can't remember what was your first project but I'm guessing the stole.

It's a tribute to you, that you took the skills you learned working with me, and created your own career from them. I'm delighted for you. Yes, I have a clue how big that is in your life.

HUGS. Lynn

AlisonH said...

Oh my goodness. Wow. I had no idea--go Lynn Colorjoy!

I really really want to go see her again; we'll see what the finances are come summer re Sock Summit, but meantime, she'll be a great teacher there. Enthusiasm is what it's all about, and you know how much of that she brings to it. Very cool.