Monday, May 30, 2011

Huge Ebay Week and Other Stuff

We have 62 items up on ebay this week.
Lots of yarn, lots of books on the writing craft, and some interesting knick knacks as well as some Elfquest books and other odds and ends.

The modular shawl pattern is going very well. I had to rip off the edging on the sample I photographed a few posts ago as it was waaay more ruffly than I wanted. I re-wrote the edging pattern, making it more balanced over all and am on the final stretch. I like it now, it is more wavy than ruffly. I have also worked out part of the crocheted edging for the other sample, and am aching to start on it. Then I will make the schematics, have Oscar take some technique photos (I need to make the props for those) and get some final shots of the shawls on Zelda (the dressmaker's dummy.) It is already too warm here in Michigan to put a live model through wearing wool just for photos.

After the modular triangle shawl, I will plunge into other projects that have been on the back burner; a summer shawl in cotton based on the Withig stitch pattern, a shaped (small) ruana, the pattern resulting from our Mystery Stranded KAL, some summer tank tops, and some lace shawls. And a set of hat/cowl/mitts already written. And another hat already written. Enough to keep me busy through the summer, I'd say.

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Don Meyer said...

Looks like you have enough to keep you busy.

Too warm for wool? Alison is somewhere that has snow on a mountain,and we keep getting occasional showers. Blah.