Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bra Supports Japan on the Two-Month Anniversary of the Quake

From CNET's Leslie Katz:

Triumph International Japan model Hikaru Kawai, who's from Sendai, joins a mannequin to model a "Support Japan Bra" and matching wraparound skirt in Tokyo today, the two-month anniversary of the quake and tsunami.
(Credit: AFP Photos/Yoshikazu Tsuno)
We have uplifting news from Triumph International, the company that brought us the solar-panel bra, the husband-hunter bra, and the environmentally minded No Plastic Shopping Bag Bra, among other novelty lingerie.
Today, on the two-month anniversary of the Japanese quake and tsunami, the company unclasped the "Support Japan Bra", a strapless bustier and matching skirt covered in encouraging messages to disaster victims delivered from around the world.
Now, it's probably safe to assume novelty lingerie isn't a priority for the many people still reeling from the epic natural disasters. Still, encouraging words from the global community, be they delivered by disaster relief agencies, social media, or brassieres, will hopefully remind victims that they're still very much in hearts and minds around the world.
The bra delivers 54 encouraging messages from 36 countries, and if you look closely at the picture above (hey, hey, not that closely!), you'll notice a range of languages scrawled on the undergarment alongside images of flags from countries including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Israel, Argentina, Switzerland, and Germany.
"Japan, with you 100%" reads a message from France. Reads another from China, "Those who have already left us let us know life is so fragile, and those who are alive let us know life is so strong." The Support Japan Bra is not for sale--yet, at least.
Hikaru Kawai, a Triumph representative from hard-hit Sendai who modeled the ensemble at today's unveiling in Tokyo, said she read every message herself.
We're not sure who, exactly, penned these messages (it looks to be staff from Triumph affiliates and not foreign ministry representatives), and it's clearly a PR stunt. Still, we have to credit Triumph International Japan for donating 62,000 units of women's underwear (regular ol' undies, not the kind covered in international messages) for distribution to Japanese women in need.

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