Thursday, April 07, 2011

Expanding Income

I've been thinking about selling some of my pattern samples on Etsy. That got me thinking about creating some other things to sell there. For example, I am very particular about my stitch markers. I hate using anything that has any form of separation (like a traditional jump ring used in making jewelry) as it always seems to catch on my yarn no matter how careful I am. I am looking into what circular item would fit around a knitting needle that I could use. I already have a nice selection of gaskets, but they aren't very decorative. I am looking for solid metal rings. I can then use jewelry wire and sparkly beads to make them even more beautiful (hiding and securing the ends of the wire inside the beads, to keep the yarn safe).
I am also thinking about knitting some simple and funky things that people may want to buy on Etsy. Hats with interesting logos come to mind, perhaps knitted mitts with pithy sayings.. etc.
Perhaps the first step is to find out what other Etsy sellers' price points are, and see if it is worth the time, energy and materials. What do you think these items may be worth?

(photos include some of the samples I may list)


Min said...

I don't know if/how it all got resolved, but a couple of weeks ago, there was a major brouhaha about Etsy and their new policy about making it more a social network by showing everything people bought. So a lot of people were jumping ship.

You might want to check it out before making any decisions.

Like I said, this may have all been resolved, but I can send you the article I read about it if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

My understanding (and experience) is that making decent money on Etsy requires a fair amount of marketing. The Etsy forums and blog are great places to research price points and doing well on the site. (There are "secrets" to tagging, etc. so your items come up in searches.) Also, if you do popular items (like knit hats, for example), your items might appear on page 15 of the search results and few buyers scroll through 15 pages of results. In any event, I *have* sold stuff on Etsy but I do believe it's one of those things where the more time you put into it with marketing, re-listing items, etc., the more you get out of it. Good luck!

AlisonH said...

Good luck! (I personally very much don't care for the Etsy revamp, and hope they change it back.)

LynnM said...

I don't know how much you'll sell Withig for but I'm sure it won't cover your hourly cost.

I'd suggest selling simple fingerless mitts in college/high school colors. Easy to knit up, kids love 'em and they want to show support in colors.

Hope you're feeling better. My kid is much improved after a miserable bout with mono.