Thursday, February 10, 2011


I often have little patience with procrastination in others, but find myself in the throes of a week-long session of my own. Usually I catch myself starting to procrastinate and give myself a stern talking to: "Get off the stick and just do it!" usually works, but not this time. Even now, instead of writing book reviews I am writing a blog post. Worse yet, there is a deadline involved, if only one I created myself.
Some very good advice drawn from a book on writing tells us to cultivate the habit of writing every day. When I did that, it worked pretty well. Even if all I did was visit each rough-drafted file and add a bit and polish a bit, it was a positive step and made it easier to work on them the following day. Perhaps it is good to take a day off every few weeks, especially if you get tons done and begin to burn out over the time period, but mostly I think it's better to commit to writing every day. I think I took too many days off in a row this time.
Writing the blog SHOULD count, but I think it's best if I count only the work I do on the reviews and my manuscript. So. Enough said. Time to start, and see how much I can get done today.

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AlisonH said...

The blog DOES count. And it gives you feedback on what you're writing on top of that.