Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Bent Dancer
One of the blogs I follow, Attic24, often has beautiful photography. Often those photos are of bright and cheerful colors, whether they be of a current crochet project or an artfully arranged mantle full of flowers and knicknacks.
Today when I popped in for a visit I found a different sort of beauty. The blog author had been away for the weekend to the Cumbrian Lake District, and returned with absolutely gorgeous photos of the quiet beauty winter brings. The photos reminded me of my yearly rambles in the fall, with the grays, silvers and blacks offset by deep greens, soft blues and warm umber and ocher. I still miss hiking, that may never change, but thank goodness I live in a time where sharing another's visual journey helps feed that part of my soul. (photo above was taken in Gaylord, Michigan early March a few years back)


Mokihana said...

Gorgeous photo!! She really does look like a dancer, doesn't she?

Kym said...

Love it! The colors, the lines. So graceful and peaceful.