Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have had very low blood pressure most of  my life. Until this year my average BP has been between 110/65 and 115/70. Imagine my shock to have one  come up 144/88 last week.  It was a big enough difference to motivate me into some lifestyle changes. I have never tried to limit my salt intake before, but that has been pretty easy. We choose healthy stuff  most of the time and I already cooked low-sodium meals for Oscar, I just stopped adding salt to my plate. I have also upped my exercising from 2-3 sessions a week, to daily. And I already feel better (happier, more energetic). All this on the advice of my doctor, who praised me for being proactive. After Dad's stroke, it was not a hard choice to make, and the execution this first week has been easier than I would have thought.
It has been so easy, in fact, I wonder why it took me so long?
Anyway, I feel pretty lucky that these small changes can make a big difference in health.
My blood pressure this afternoon? 117/72


momtroll said...

How wonderful that you can tweek what you do and eat to get your pressure down. I am glad you caught it and glad that what you did works.

AlisonH said...

When someone with usually low blood pressure starts having it be high--that was one of the things that happened to my brother when he became a diabetic.

Mokihana said...

I am so proud of you for taking charge of your health like this. What you're doing is obviously working. Awesome!