Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Perhaps a Half Day Off?

I am feeling a bit tired today. I thought about taking a day off, but really, I enjoy what I do for 'work' so what exactly would that entail? I guess I could spend the day playing games on the computer. But I would enjoy doing other things more. In the application of 'a change is as good as a rest' perhaps I should make today about house organization (I have some yarn to sort out) or getting a load of dishes run (I can load the dishwasher from my kitchen stool). Perhaps roasting some chicken breasts and adding the meat and broth to some pasta and broccoli rabe we made on Saturday, and putting it up in Oscar lunches would be good. (Do others still use the phrase 'putting up' to mean storing for later? When I was a kid and I helped mom can fruit and veggies, we were 'putting up' the tomatoes, for example, for winter.
All that sounds like work, but I like ending the day knowing I accomplished something. 
I am far from bored, but a little tired yet restless.
I think a true day off would include spinning or dying yarn. or both. Perhaps to celebrate a big thing, like completing a pattern. I will get out roving and my tools and spin for hours.
I really long to spin. I have a ©Sling-Blade Handspinner created and hand crafted by my friend Dreamspinner. The beauty of it is i can predraft the fiber, and spin all from a reclining position while still having the hands-on experience of rythmically adding twist to yarn. Someday I might get an electric spinner, but I adore my ©Sling-blade
Watch this video to see how fun it is! And look how small a motion she needs to make to create the spin. (the image above is some beautiful yarn I made with my blade)


LynnM said...

That is so nifty!

Hope you pick up soon.

Anonymous said...

Sherri is trying to contact you

Kym said...

Sometimes a day off (or even a half day off!) is just what we need most! :-)