Saturday, January 01, 2011

First Day

I am beginning the new year with the resolution to use my time wisely, and keep up to date on my reviewing, website and pattern writing. Before my birthday in October, (deep breath, this is scary stuff) I resolve to have a short story written and ready for submission.
I got up today raring to get started on some reviews and found the site down. Never mind, after a few hours work (maybe three?), I now have 10 book reviews rough drafted and ready (almost all ready) for a final polish before uploading them for the editor when the site comes back.

I have the seeds (and rough drafts) of two brand new patterns I will be working on this week. With any luck at all I will be able to have one of those patterns ready for testing by the end of next week. I am almost done with a pattern I have been working on for more than a year. I want to have that one ready for testing next week, too.

I have also decided to participate in the 365 Photo Project this year, thanks to encouragement from my friend Leslie.
The biggest challenge for me will be in the restrictive nature of my life. I will need to take a photo every day, but 6 days out of seven I spend my time here at home. Good thing we have plenty of stuff! Like the restrictions of writing a sonnet or haiku I hope the boundaries will encourage even more creative thinking.
I also want to make the photo each day somehow tie in to that day's spirit, energy or mood.
I will be posting the photos on a brand new blog, Photowise 365, as well as flickr.
I decided to start a new blog for the purpose because Otterwise is a more general blog about daily life, writing, and my designs.
Today's Otterwise photo is the same I posted for Photowise, but that will not often be the case. Tomorrow, for example I plan to blog about a new allergen-friendly restaurant Oscar and I discovered yesterday. (yummmmmy. and safe!)

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Just bookmarked your 365 blog!