Sunday, January 09, 2011

An Abundance of Tasks

I am participating in a group on Ravelry that is focussed on resolutions.
I often make personal and spiritual resolutions on my birthday each year, but this year, I thought New Year's Day would be a good time to focus on resolutions related to business and creativity, like writing and designing.
I am doing pretty well. I found that I really like breaking down the resolutions by month, then by week. It seems to help me stay on track. I did not succeed in accomplishing all I wished to do the first week of January, but I did get a LOT done.
My list looked something like this:
1. Put up a photo each day for the 365project. DONE
2. Get a new pattern ready for the Free Pattern Tester's group on Ravelry
- I got a good start on it, but the pattern has been expanded into 4 pieces, in 4 sizes. I plan to offer it as a mini-collection. I am waiting on yarn to finish the samples, but have 2.5 samples done now.
3. Get my shaped ruana pattern ready for pattern testing.
- spent all my time with the other pattern this week. But it is on the list for next week.
4. Get my website updated
- all I did was establish which patterns need to be added (there are 8 at this time)
5. Get 10 book reviews submitted to Freshfiction. DONE plus an additional 2. I have 4 books read for the upcoming week. I now have 96 reviews listed there :-}

-Another item got added to the list for the Jan/Feb resolutions. I had a pattern proposal accepted by Knit Picks which means they will be sending yarn for me to use in making the samples. I want to have that completed by mid-March.
-I promised to help test a new pattern from my Sis-in-love, and that has become ready for Beta testing as of yesterday. I am enjoying the heck out of it! I will spend today working on adding my input to her pattern, and knitting, then knit a bit on it each day.
-Before the end of next week, I will be spending a bit of time each day writing fiction.

So add to that some knitting for friends (Sharon and her mom) and I have an action packed knitting schedule this month!
But I am healthy, and happy.
(and hungry, I just realized I missed lunch entirely and it is almost 6:30 p.m.!)

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Kym said...

What a great set of goals/tasks, Diana. I think it's good to break them down by month, week, whatever. Just don't be too hard on yourself if you don't score 100%. :-) (For me, that's the hardest part of setting goals!)