Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sean Socks

Today I finished the fourth sock of two pairs I made for Sean.
I used a (self-adjusted) variation of Anne Hanson's Cinder Block Sock pattern. (She's got a really cool keyhole scarf pattern up on the current blog entry, too) I like to make two identical pairs when knitting for kidlings, so that if and/r when one is lost, they still have a pair and a spare.
The yarn is Cushy Colorsport in Colorway Seaside, no longer available. It is machine washable, and since I made these top-dwn, as Sean's feet get longer, I can add more length to the toes.
The stitch pattern and yarn is incredibly stretchy, which means the width should be fine for awhile yet.
Next up, finishing Oscar's Urban Necessity convertible mittens/fingerless gloves. (just the thumbs and caps to go!). I am using bulky yarn on small (#5) needles, so it is hard-on-the-hands knitting; but he needs them, and the tight fabric (an alpaca blend) should be warm and last a long time I am going to try lining the mitten caps with suri alpaca, for extra warmth and softness.

We got our first big snow today. Expected snowfall 4-7 inches. Temps are in the low 30's, the rest of the week it is supposed to fall to the 20's. I better get cracking on Oscar's mittens/gloves!


AlisonH said...

Wow. No fourth-sock syndrome here. (When he gets bigger, can he outgrow his socks for me?)

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at selfless people like you who knit socks for others! :) Good job!

Ria said...

I made Angie 4 sockies ( they end just below the ankle bone - she hates socks taller than that more than I do) But no 2 matched!! I used bright pink, orange, tuquoise and lime green yarn. So each sock was mostly one of those colors and had random stripes just knit in at random points, random thickness. SO they all go together and it doesn't matter which 2 she wears together. I think they may be the favorite thing I ever knit for her.

I don;t think i could do 4 identical socks, 2 is hard enough!

momtroll said...

Wow! Sean is growing and growing. Those are big boy socks! I know he will enjoy wearing them. What a special gift.

Karen said...

Diana, I knit those exact fingerless gloves/convertible mittens for Jess's NYC trip last January...and she loved them! Keep warm, and enjoy the pattern. From your Texas "cousin"--