Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quiet Time

Oscar is working mega overtime this week. His only day off will be Sunday. He plans to do the same every chance he gets, as long as he has one day off left in 7.
Even with this, we have managed to enjoy time together. Last night for example we stayed up a bit and watched a DVD of Robin Hood: Men in Tights. It had been long enough since we had seen it (in the theaters, yes we be old and proud of it) that it was a renewed delight.
Right now I am waiting for the rice to finish cooking. It is at the point where it smells delicious but the wee red light has not switched to amber, so it isn't quite ready. I love rice, especially short grained Japanese brown rice (mostly Japanese rice is grown in California, near Sacramento, but it is a Japanese variety).
I eat it sweet, or savory, with or without other things.
Yesterday Oscar helped me get stuff ready outside for a photo shoot of the new cowl.
It didn't work out very well, and despite all his efforts, my photos were crap.
He took a rather nice photo of me wearing the silvery one (above), but mine of Zelda wearing the other two were too far away to be useful in the pattern. (sigh) BUT tomorrow we visit Amanda, Tommy and Sean, and Amanda has agreed to model for me :-}
Whoops! There went the 'click' of the finished rice cooker! Time for supper :-}


Ria said...

I love men in tights!! Curt and I quote it often (that and the Princess Bride)

Kym said...

RH: Men in Tights! An old favorite! :-) (And you look perfect in the Silvery One!)