Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whew!! Finis!!!

At long last my new sample for the Rosie Socks is finished. I have been working on them for more than a month. Here they are, bedraggled, with ends still trailing, unblocked, but a beautiful sight to my eyes.
I love making socks, but I can only do 2-5 rounds per knitting session when using fingering weight yarn, so it takes a while. I like my socks densely knitted, so to get what I want is hard on the finger bones.
I think I'll focus on heavier weight yarns for socks the next little bit, and thus larger needles and easier on the hands. BUT I tried them on last night and they fit me perfectly!!! And the large cuff disguises the arthritic bits on my ankles! So it has all been worth it.
(They are made using Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Golden Glow and Blue Yonder, with a smidgen of Stroll Sapphire Heather)
The first week of October (my birthday week!), I will ask Oscar to take me to the Botanical Gardens for a photo shoot. I wonder if I can get another pattern sample done by then? (I have a shawl and shawlette pattern in the works)


momtroll said...

Oh, Diana, you made yourself a wonderful birthday present. It looks as if you will enjoy them all winter. I love the look of the cuff.

prpltrtl946 said...

I LOOOOve those socks!! 8*)

I could never use such tiny yarn without making my hands go dead! (pain-filled and non-responsive)

I worked on worsted weight arm warmers (for my very long armed son, he's 6'2" and still growing!) for YEARS before I discovered the Square knitting needles...and then finished in 2 weeks...check out my Ravelry project. I took pictures of them!! And, I am notorious for VERY tight knitting. 8*)

So, maybe you should try them out. They worked miracles for me.

Anonymous said...

love the colors of those socks!!!

LynnM said...

Maybe as a last hurrah, I started buying skeins of skinny yarn. What was I thinking? With my (it's not fair to call it arthritic yet) "stiff" index finger (which I'm not using as I type) and the fact I never properly manage to maintain gauge with the skinnies, I should call it "frog" yarn. Thus I marvel at your Rosie! Beautiful work I can appreciate what had to go into them! Don't you dare put your feet on the ground while those socks are on them!

Kym said...

What a beautiful, HAPPY color! Perfect!