Monday, September 27, 2010

The Time of Giving

It's that time of year again here in Michigan, cool autumn days and chilly nights have arrived.
Things are still economically rough here, and elsewhere in the country.
There are still people in need, and the cold weather means there are people sleeping rough, and cold, and hungry out there.
SOS, our local community service for the homeless has had more people asking for help this year than ever before. I imagine similar situations exist wherever you are.
Because things are tight, I imagine it is more difficult for families to give to the level they are used to. I think we can still help out, but it does require more forethought to be sure we have enough for us, and enough to share.
I called our local shelter, and this year they are accepting hand-knitted items again. I still have some I worked on last year I can donate, and hopefully I can make some more this autumn.
If we start now, we can budget a few extra dollars each grocery trip and add some personal care items and food to our basket, specifically for SOS folks.
If you are hoping to contribute to your local charities this year, why not begin now to budget a bit extra onto your grocery list, to be certain the people in your area will have enough?
Even an extra $5.00 per week will add up by the time Thanksgiving gets here.
When you buy toothpaste or barrettes, a bar of soap, deodorant or other personal care items, throw an extra into your cart. SOS tells us that personal care and hygiene items are greatly needed by those they serve. If you start now, you can make a substantial difference this year, even though times are tough for everyone.
If you have yarn laying around, but no time to knit it, a call to your local yarn shop or knitting/crochet group will likely garner many willing hands to help make warm hats, scarves and mittens.
Keep your ears and eyes open, I am guessing local charities will begin their yearly drives to provide warm winter coats, food and school supplies any time now.
Please join me in doing what you can. Every little bit helps.


Anonymous said...

great reminder!

AlisonH said...

Thank you for this.

We have a local Costco that has a spot in the parking lot where the homeless tend to come, and a few times I saw an older woman begging there: wrapped in a beautiful handknit wool scarf that looked wonderful on her. Whoever knitted that has my admiration and thanks.

Kym said...

Excellent reminder, Diana. You're so right -- Doing Good . . . is So Good!