Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Voltek A2, the Wind Assisted Car

One of the coolest things we came across at Maker Faire was the area containing new car concepts.
I was flagging by that time and didn't grab info on everything. My brother works for a company called Voltek, so this particular car stood out to me. When I did a bit of research today, I found an Italian article that I translated using the 'translate this page' function of Google.
The English is a bit odd, but I think you can get the salient points. Besides, reading the translation adds a certain flavor :-}

A2 Voltek the American who travels to wind turbines
Produced by Douglas Amick, drawings of her father James aeronautical engineer, the car has two seats and even a motor batteries. A big arc back to work and takes the wind turbine

In other words, the A2, which was originally built by the late father of Douglas Amick, James, an aeronautical engineer and inventor. Besides having originally an aluminum engine battery was designed with a bow on the rear aerodynamic aerodynamic arc This helps to propel the vehicle through the wind flow through it.
How does Voltek A2? the airflow that reaches the vehicle from any angle when it passes through the arc produces a kind of turbine effect and applies a force on the back of the A2, giving him the impetus that causes the movement. It seems that the speed achieved by this vehicle is a wind of 150 mph. But the data does not need to swear.

amick a2 apertura


Kym said...

Very cool. Looks like a rocket! (When I was in elementary school -- waaaaaay back -- and we used to think about "life in the 2000s". . . I imagined ALL cars would look like this!)

Lynx said...

Gotta love those literal word-by-word translations!

Lene Andersen said...

That is so cool! And thanks for the translation. Love those.

AlisonH said...

I can't tell you how much I want to see (to own!) that car! Think maybe they'll trade me for a minivan with 101k miles on it?