Saturday, August 14, 2010

Updates and stuff

Life is going pretty well these days.
I am doing more for
Currently I have 33 reviews posted with plenty more books waiting in line beside my chair and more on the way! It's a pretty good gig; as many books as I can read for free. I also enjoy the writing. If I got paid for it, it would be slightly better, but I am pretty happy as is.
On the design front, Knit Picks is now carrying 16 of my patterns. The most recent two are the Stellaria Shawl and the Withig Wimple, Cowl and Circular Scarf. Next to be submitted are the Rosie Socks and a Withig stole/shawl. I also have plans to start putting together mini-ebooks, each containing 3 or 4 related patterns (one of shawls, one of socks, etc). They will be priced at a bargain, yet high enough to be carried by Patternfish. I have LOADS of patterns waiting impatiently behind the Withig Stole. One is almost finished, but I am debating adding a few alternate edgings and releasing them three at once, or perhaps as an ebook. the shaping is a method I have not seen used in precisely the same way, so I am excited to see how it will all work out.
Also clamoring for attention are a few felted bag patterns, finger puppets, a striped toddler sweater, a cowl using the new knit picks cashmere blend, etc.
And I am writing fiction again. Beginning Monday, RWAOnline (the chapter of Romance Writers of America to which I belong) is offering an online class which I can attend for free. The subject is pruning prose.
For someone who stays home all day almost every day, I feel pretty busy.

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Corvus said...

You sound busy! As someone else who stays at home all day, I need to work on getting as active as you.