Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zach Sweeps the nation

Ok, If you haven't heard of Zach yet, well, neither had I until today, since I don't watch news shows or Oprah or much daytime TV at all.
But Zach is cool. The Coolest.
It seems Oprah is giving away a TV show. People who are interested send in videos and then we the public cast our votes.
I voted for Zach.
his blurb says:
"Wheelchair-bound lady magnet Zach, discusses his many talents and idea for a TV show designed to inspire people who never thought they could travel. Join Zach as he globe-trots to some of the most notoriously inaccessible locations and embraces the spontaneous nature of world travel! No matter what the obstacle, he'll face every bump in the road with a smile. You can come too if you you have an adventurous spirit... and a wig!"

I am voting for purely selfish reasons as I REALLY want to see his show.

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