Friday, June 11, 2010

Oscillate Scarf and Shawl Pattern

I finished the photo shoot for a new crochet pattern yesterday.
Oscar was immense help, as always. We got permission to use the sunny yard of a neighbor across the street from us as our front yard has 4 maple trees creating shade too deep for the look I wanted. (Thanks Sis and Jim!) The back yard is fairly inaccessible to me, but I can scoot around in my chair out in front and in the neighborhood, so future photo shoots will take place out the front door instead of out the back.
Oscar carried Zelda the dressmaker's dummy (thanks again Zina!) across the street and set her up in front of a shiny-leaved cherry tree. We did get a few looks, but mostly the neighbors are used to our idiosyncracies.
The brilliant noon sun gave the photos a tropical look, I think.
I realized after we were all set up that I had forgotten to grab a shawl pin, but one of Sis's cranesbill blossoms worked out fine :-}
I included info in the pattern for making a scarf OR shawl in any of 4 weights of yarn.
The structured look of the stitch pattern attracted me initially, and I've wanted to make a pattern of it for some time, but once I started, I realized this was a fun one! After the first few repetitions, it is easy peasy to work without checking the pattern. I may make a few lace-weight shawls as Yule gifts this year, as even working the six-foot long scarf I never got bored. The longest scarf only took 4 days, and would have probably taken only 2-3 if I hadn't been involved in other projects, the shorter scarf took less than 2 days, and just one skein of yarn.
Here are the details:
This simple and sophisticated scarf adds a touch of individuality to any ensemble.
Details and hints given for making either scarves or shawls in multiple yarn weights, in many size variations
Samples shown:
Knit Picks Simple Cotton Sport, Wave Heather 2 skeins (328 yards, used 300 yards) and H (5 mm) hook. Finished scarf measures 6” by 72” long.
Knit Picks Felici Fingering Marine Life, 1 skein (218 yards) and E (3.5 mm) hook, I used ‘sport weight’ initial chain number for a 1-skein scarf which measures 5” by 44”.

Suggested Hook Sizes:

If using: Worsted



Lace Weight

I or J

G or H

E or F

C or D (or even B)

or whichever hook gives you a pleasing fabric for your yarn and personal gauge/tension.

Gauge: Variable. Because this is a scarf, gauge is not essential

Yarn Requirements: Instructions given for 4 yarn weights: Worsted (Sport/DK, Fingering, Lace); approximately 275 (330, 440, 500) yards for a roughly 6 inches wide by 6 foot long scarf. I have slightly over estimated the yardage requirements to give a margin of safety.

-You can also use this pattern for a shawl. Simply triple the given starting chain and quadruple the yarn requirements for the weight of yarn you are using. If making the shawl, you will be working roughly 150% of the rows needed for the scarf.


Min said...

It looks great!

LynnM said...

Your display is lovely! That's a beautiful design and the sunshine and light breeze does enhance it. As an AdMan might suggest: You're not crocheting a scarf, you're crocheting sunshine, blue skies and a refreshing breeze.

Mokihana said...

Very pretty, and your photos are awesome!

Ria said...

Scarf looks great! Awesome picture!

Leslie said...

Wonderful! Great photos and great scarf.

Kym said...

I love it! A perfect scarf for warm weather! (And I really love the image of you and and Oscar and Zelda whooping it up in your lovely neighbor's sunny yard!) :-)

Zina said...

I'm glad Zelda is working for her keep!

Hey, lookit me, actually out reading my blogs list...yippeee!