Friday, June 04, 2010

I've Been Etsy-fied

I listed a Dragontail sample shawl on Etsy a little while ago. Today I decided to go ahead and list some of my pattern PDFs and see how they will do. My Otterwise shop is HERE. All 17 of my current patterns are up, ready for people to see, and maybe buy.
I'm thinking about adding them to other venues as well, perhaps Any other suggestions?

Good wishes welcomed!
Those credit cards are being perniscious.


Leslie said...

Has your Dragontail sold yet?

Anonymous said...

good for you! i hope you get tons of sales. i did put 2 patterns up on etsy -- no bites yet but you can't beat the 20 cent fee. :)

Mokihana said...

Awesome! I hope this will be a great revenue source for you. Love the blog post title!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your etsy store. That's something I've considered but haven't actually tried yet. I'd be interested in hearing other ideas as well, I'm off to look at artfire right now :-)