Monday, May 17, 2010


I have been traveling almost every day. I get on my chair and head on down the road. Mostly I have been visiting my niece, Liz, her honey-guy, Tucker, and my grand nephew Levi. Today I got to feed Levi :-}
The destination is terrific, of course, but the act of getting out of the house is very empowering. I have been housebound for so very long, each time I leave by myself feels like a triumph.
I enjoy going out for jaunts with Oscar, but when I am on my own I can put the chair up to it's highest speed of 6.5 mph and go all over the neighborhood.
Even just in this one week of solo-flight, the neighbors have started to recognize me and wave. Well, lets face it, my penchant for bright colors and larger-than-life size makes it hard to forget seeing me zooming around LOL.
I am also enjoying taking photos of the local plants when I go out. I love photography, and this gives me new opportunities without inconveniencing Oscar (i.e. asking him to go ahead while I commune with a wrinkly old stump).


Yasmaen said...

Good for you! :D I'm sorry that you'd be stuck inside for so long. I can't imagine how you didn't go insane, but I'm glad to hear you're getting out more. Especially now with the weather there being so perfect this time of year.
It's pretty here too, but the sun will toast the prairie grasses to a golden brown pretty soon. That's when I miss MI the most.

Lene Andersen said...

So happy to hear you're out at last!