Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Reward Knitting

I am taking a day off from business knitting. I managed to find a good gauge for an upcoming stole, and finished the red Withig Scarf yesterday, so today, I am relaxing... by knitting something else LOL. When I saw the newest issue of Knitcircus, I fell in love with Pavonia (shown on Page 60 of the magazine linked above, or the Ravelry link is HERE). It is knit in lace-weight yarn on #7 needles, for a finished measurement of 54". That will barely reach around my shoulders once, let alone wrap gracefully 1.5 times like Pavonia does on a normally sized person. I decided to knit mine out of worsted-weight yarn on #9s instead.
So I found some yarn gifted to me by Lynnie, which I suspect she dyed. It is about 500 yards of worsted weight in beautiful close shades of raspberry and lilac. I have been saving it for just the right shawl, and I think I've finally found it!
I finished casting on the 340 stitches (yes, 340) and am poised to dive into the chart, right after lunch :-}


Anonymous said...

a day off -- good for you! :)

Kym said...

Now THAT is going to be gorgeous! (The good thing about casting ON so many stitches is that it's usually all downhill from there!)