Thursday, May 20, 2010

Color Choice via Image Swirl

There are many conversations among crafters about choosing colors for a project. Many of us consider ourselves color challenged, and ask for reassurance or advice from others on choosing yarns or fabric. I tend not to, or at least I haven't for a long time, but there are enough areas in my life where I second guess myself that I can relate :-} Even if you are 'color confident', this exercise may be of use when you are looking for fresh combinations for future projects.
Lots of people will tell you to find a painting or piece of fabric or pottery or photo in an interior design magazine you like, and choose from among the colors used. When using such things, I find it easier to focus on the colors if I choose an abstract design, rather than a representational one.
Google has come up with a neat little search tool called Google Swirl.
I used it today to find colors to go with blue.
This first image is the screen shot of what I brought up with the search terms 'blue abstract'.

This second image is what came up from selecting the center image in the 3rd column above.

The image below came up from selecting the third large thumbnail from the top, counting clockwise from the screenshot above. I may not use all these colors in a project, but I certainly have some new ideas! I would likely have come up with the turquoise and pinks on my own, but the golden yellow is something I might not have thought to add, and the darker greenish tones would definitely not have been among my first selections.

So, if you could use a little more confidence when selecting colors, go forth and Google!


Kym said...

Oooooh! What fun! I love to play with color -- and I love trying new color combinations. This is going to be a fun tool to play with. :-)

morewithles said...

cool tool! thanks for sharing. color is both one of my favorite things about knitting and also, to me, one of the most mysterious!

AlisonH said...

Ooooh, interestingggg... Cool, thank you!