Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Roasted Roots

Some Notes:

-Vegetables are coated with olive oil before roasting. Don't use too much oil. You could also use a light coating of flavored oil like hot-pepper or garlic infused oils.
-Pan is lined with parchment paper, easy cleanup.
-The outer few layers of the onion skin becomes tough when roasted, best to remove it. It softens somewhat if you will be adding it to a stew, but the texture is never as buttery as the inner layers.
-Try and put vegetables with similar cooking times on the same tray. Cut the thicker ends of carrots in half so they cook in the same time as the smaller ends.
-Temp of oven was between 325 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
-cooking time was between 45 minutes and an hour
-vegetables can be roasted ahead of time, and even frozen for adding to a stew sometime down the road.
-Roasting adds tons of flavor, so less salt is needed.
-Roasted vegetables make a great addition to hummus or other bean dips.
-Other vegetables that roast well (times for cooking varies, cook until soft.)
*Asparagus (higher temp and very short cooking time recommended, best eaten fresh)
*Beets, yellow or red
*Turnips (outer layers can become too tough)
*Brussel Sprouts
*Bell Peppers
*Summer Squash


Leslie said...

Drool worthy! Roasted Roots are fast becoming a staple in this household.

AlisonH said...

Just the thing to read while staring in the direction of the kitchen, trying to think up something yummy--thank you!