Sunday, March 28, 2010

Not So Difficult Decisions

When we began, the decisions seemed difficult.
By the time we were done, we had found a new clarity, and the decisions came faster and easier each time.
In January, credit card companies raised interest rates dramatically, and we were caught flat-footed. Our monthly bills increased by hundreds of dollars.
This past week we have been discussing our options and made the sensible decision to tighten our belts, and pay off our credit cards as quickly as possible, even if we can only manage an extra $10 over the minimum sometimes, while putting all our efforts toward paying off one credit card at a time completely.
We decided to pull out our Ebay chops. We sold a lot on Ebay just before we moved, and have more than 5,000 individual feedback ratings.
So we started looking around the house for things of value that we could use to raise money toward paying off the first credit card.
We stuck with the easier items to list (Books, dvds, and a few games) but by last night, we had cut more deeply into our possessions than either of us would have thought possible just 24 hours before.
Oscar was able to let go of special edition games which we had never opened, and cut deeply into his classic horror DVD collection. I even gave up my geeky beloved DVD of the complete series (8 episodes) of Quark.
I also made the realization that I no longer use pattern books for knitting, and the only books I keep going back to are those which are antique collections, stitch dictionaries, and books about design.
So with the exception of a few special books by Elizabeth Zimmerman, All my pattern books will be up for auction today.
I'm talking serious changes here. I had thought some of these books would be on my shelf forever. I am even selling a book that my sister-in-law contributed to. I know she understands, and will be proud about our decision to become debt free.
Tomorrow I will reveal details about exactly what is listed (all 60 items) in case any of you would like the chance to benefit from our purge.

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Anonymous said...

good for you guys. i hope you make a bundle! :)