Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Knitting Olympics

There were a lot of choices I could have made.
The first was deciding to participate in the knitting olympics. The second was to go with the smaller but perhaps more traditional Yarn Harlot version rather than choose among the plethora of categories available in the Ravelympics.
Then there was the choice of project.
When I signed up I wrote.
But I didn't knit a shawlette. I didn't even get beyond a basic sketch of the shaping.
What I did accomplish while the olympics were going on was tremendous, though.
-I finished samples for the Wild Cherry Bark Mitts, the Corydalis Cowl, the Kiva Bag, Cloud on her Shoulders and the Dragontail Shawl (the Dragontail and Cloud were mostly done, the Kiva bag still needed felting) to be sent to Knit Picks.
-I re-wrote the patterns to comply with Knit Picks style and the new yarn.
-I had a photo session on Sunday, then added the new photos to the new patterns.
-I completed writing and grading a pattern for socks in 4 sizes for submission to Knit Circus.
-I attended a 4 day conference before and after the torch was lit.
-I knit a shawl while at the conference in only 2 days to donate to the raffle for the Tempest Smith Foundation.
I did all this while having no fewer than 3 major colitis attacks and the resulting physical repercussions.
Did I fail? Technically. But you know what? In attempting to get to the point where I could begin, I moved mountains of fiberly tasks out of the way. So I'm counting it as a win.
And I WILL design that shawlette. And I will still probably call it 'Curling'.


Anonymous said...

HUGE accomplishments! You go, girl!

niftyknits said...

wow - well done. How have I managed to not have heard of the knit olympics? off to google I go!

jaala said...

Wow, huge accomplishments indeed! I love the sock pattern and can't wait to see the samples in person as it were...

AlisonH said...

Go Diana! I too didn't finish designing exactly what I wanted to, but that was in part because the very process kept sending me off on new tangents and new ideas and the whole thing was quite fruitful.

Now, feel better!

Leslie said...

I WANTS Curling and after all, you fell into the stars, my dear one.

LynnM said...

Sounds to me like you decided to switch from entering the Classical Cross-Country skiing competition and instead competed in a Biathlon Team relay. More medals to Norway!

Knitting Out Loud said...

You did great! Congratulations!

Kym said...

Total winner, Diana! Wow!