Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Useful Things

Today I made a purse to carry around at the convention with me. It is the perfect size for carrying the room key card, my ID and some cash, and yet not get in the way as a standard over-the-shoulder purse does when riding my 'steed'.
(based on the Hot Pink Bracelet Purse pattern) Of course I added some sparkly beads.

I used my brand new ergonomic crochet hook set, which I LOVE!!!!!
I made the whole purselet in one sitting and my wrist and hand doesn't hurt at all!!!!


momtroll said...

How great. I like small sizes, too.

Lynx said...

gorgeous baglet, the beads are kewlio!

wish I knew you wanted the ergonomic crochet hooks. My mom got me a set and I just can't use them worth squat.... do you need a second set? LOL

AlisonH said...

Oh cool!

Leslie said...

No sore hand = really awesome little bag with beads. Neato, skeato!

Blue said...

What a great little bag! Love the beads! ! ! ! Hope you have a wonderful time at Convo.

Kym said...

Cute bag! And practical, too!