Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Love Being Able to be Busy

First, Happy Birthday Kenny!!

Now on to the main post:
For so long I couldn't plan ahead much. I could never tell how well I would be.
In the past year, the worst of this has been solved by figuring out what caused my colitis attacks.
I still have fibro and a few other 'issues' but the worst and least predictable was the colitis.
This year as we drove home from Convocation I realized how much energy I still had compared to the same trip home last year.
I decided that I can probably plan an outing or 2 each week, to go to the library or meet friends. We will be seeing Amanda, Tommy and Sean on Sunday, and plan to visit Liz, Tucker and Levi on Wednesday.
I also sat down yesterday to start my to-do list. I generally make these toward the end of the month to be sure I am on track with obligations.
This one looks insane, but because of the amount I have been able to do so far I think it is definitely doable.
Some of the obligations have soft due-dates, only a few of them are firm.
I have around 10 books left to review, 3 of which are read. (I can read 2 books a day, no problem), and then write about 2 reviews a day form books read previously.
I have 3.5 pattern samples left to knit (including one that I am expecting yarn for) and 3 patterns to modify for Knit Picks. I have one pattern that needs to be double checked, but is otherwise finished for them, too.
I have a new pattern mostly written that needs a little number crunching, due March 1st, the sample from that pattern (about 25% finished) needs to be in about a week afterward for photography.

That takes care of the February obligations.

Then I have an idea for a shawlette that will be next on the list, followed by some cool slogan mitts, and a goth pair of mitts, a pair of socks based on the Equalizer hat, another based on the Kiva Bag and three more shawls. And someone wanted a pair of socks based on Elijah and Cherry bark.
Then there are the sketches I made last year for summer tank tops.
And the collection of finger puppets I want to make into an ebook.

That should take care of March :-}

In the mean time I am working on an interview article, too.
It feels great to be busy again!
Now back to the Chicken and Noodles I'm cooking.


AlisonH said...

Go Diana! Energy is a wonderful resource, especially when it feels renewable. (I could offer you my colitis solution, but...let's not...)

Leslie said...

YEAH for YOU! Makes me tired, just reading about it...