Friday, February 12, 2010

Flare Not Flair

I woke up to day 9 of one of the worst fibro flares I've had. For those of you with fibro, you know what I mean, for those without, it sucks.
(Edited to add: I had a really good day a week ago, after a week where I was not good. So this is really day 7 in a row, day 13 out of 14)
Pain, yadda yadda muscles feel like wood, yadda yadda, Feeling like you are trapped in a never ending Swedish deep tissue massage without the cute Swedish masseur, etc.
The pain sucks, but yesterday and today the brain fog has become so noticeable I can practically see it filling the corners of the room.
I am glad the fog held off until after the Blog tour.
I am glad I am about half done with important sample knitting and can stick to stuff just to keep my hands busy.
I am glad my next due date for pattern submission is March 1st.
I am glad this is now, and not next week when it would seriously impact my one big fun event of the year (4 days at Convocation).
I am glad I finally gave in and realized it's a flare, rather than fighting against the obvious as I did the first 5 days.
Now I can rest, and get as much sleep as possible, and hope it goes away soon.
And watch lots of vintage no-brainer tv.
Yep, it sucks, but it won't last forever.
As long as it's over by Wednesday, it will be ok. (Convo is Thursday).


Anonymous said...

Rest up. Your positive attitude will see you through! :) Feel better.

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