Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Task List

Oscar and I made wonderful headway on the house this weekend; so much so that we are still a bit in recovery mode.
Add to that I somehow caught a cold (and have a wicked sinus infection) and my designing needs to be put aside for today.
Never mind, I have plenty to do to keep occupied.
I am currently knitting a sample of my Kiva Bag for Knit Picks. I have decided for that, (and for my other charity pattern, Cloud On Her Shoulders) I can bring in much more money for the charities by selling them through Knit Picks, and, thankfully, Knit Picks has accepted the patterns. Now to get new samples to them! I have gifted most of my samples away, and the one I still have has been heartily loved and used, and is not all shiny-new anymore.
There are three more existing patterns they have accepted, that also need samples. I can keep knitting on those today too.
One advantage of relisting these patterns is the impetus it gives me to re-write the directions using the knowledge I've gained over the past few years.
My next day with a good brain and relatively low pain will be dedicated to writing code for Otterwise.com. I can write enough cut-and-paste html to help put the site together. I also need to choose and resize the photos for each pattern. My self-imposed deadline is February 1st, and it is galloping toward me.
Today, though I will have a day filled with simple sample knitting and lots of hot tea, and hope to have kicked the cold's hind end and feel much better tomorrow.
Oh, and I have new DVDs of 'Waiting For God' to watch.


Kym said...

Please take care of yourself, Diana. Sounds like you're on the right track with the resting and the knitting and the tea. But do, please, take care.

AlisonH said...

Oh! You're going to make The Big Move off Blogspot too? All the links in the comments disappear when you do, but it's worth being in control of the real estate where you live online. Good luck!

Leslie said...

How kewl is that that Knitpicks continues to pick up your patterns. Congrats and do feel better!