Monday, January 11, 2010

So much to write about

I am having trouble settling on a topic for today's post, so I guess I'll touch on several things. :-}
In no particular order:

-I am expecting my second check from Knit Picks today or tomorrow. Thereafter a check will come each quarter (January, April, July, and October). Sales are doing quite well. I have 6 patterns currently listed, and Knit Picks has accepted 5 more. (These will be patterns I have previously released using other yarns.) My friend Lynx has agreed to knit three of the samples for me, bless her. Knit Picks has also expressed interest in 3 more pattern ideas I presented, for which I already have yarn. Working with Knit Picks has been lovely, and I hope to work with them from this point forward as long as I am designing.

-I have finished the charts needed for my first of 10 shawls I am challenging myself to design this year. It was a big task, as I had first to learn how to chart lace stitches, then learn how to chart triangular lace shawls. It took a few weeks before I figured out that my first (antique and somewhat obscure) lace pattern was not going to work. After I changed to a well-tweaked lace pattern I wrote up last year, it took about 3 days to create the necessary 4 charts. Leslie Ga. has agreed to test knit the shawl from my proto-pattern. Bless her too!

- I am in the home stretch of a sweater I am knitting for Sean-boy. After I finish the second sleeve, all that will be left is a small collar, weaving in ends, and blocking. I sized it hoping it will be wearable this year, and fit him loosely next year. If I am lucky, it might still be wearable a third winter. (It has an easy-fit raglan shaping). Of course I wrote down what I did, and it has sparked two new pattern ideas. I am so blessed that I never seem to lack for new knitting ideas! I don't take it for granted. Sean and family will be visiting next weekend. It has been a looong time since everyone was well enough for us to get together!

-Oscar and I spent time this weekend organizing and sorting through some boxes that have been stored in my studio, soon to be Oscar's study-place. We ROCKED. We found out we work most efficiently when we work together in the living room (bringing boxes out a few at a time) not in the room which is the focus of the organizing. We both get too easily overwhelmed when in the messy room. So, we rocked it out, and sorted through much of my yarn, plus at least 4 boxes that have needed sorting for years. I am well over half finished going through all my yarn and resorting it for storage by manufacturer, and making a special space for my Knit Picks samples and yarn support yarns.

-Speaking of yarn sorting, I was very relieved to find I only have 4 projects in process for friends! I had somehow felt as if there were many many more waiting for me to finish.
1. Sean's sweater, almost done
2. Lynnie's platypus, almost done
3. Jason's Cthuluclava, only needing the tentacles and a bit more knitting
and 4. The final seaming of a small jackety thing for Ysabeau from a pattern I am still wrestling into shape, waiting for my skill level to reach my aspirations before actually writing it for different sizes.
I DO still have 2-3 more pairs of socks to knit for Dad, but they are still in yarn form.

- The Malabrigo shawl I am knitting from my 1st '10 for 2010' pattern (tentatively titled 'Soft Waves') is about 2/3rds finished.

-My first two book reviews in a long time have been written and submitted to
The first, for 'Confessions Of A Demon by S. L. Wright is available HERE.
The second for 'Heart's Blood' by Juliet Marillier should be available any day now. (I have two more book reviews coming out in Knit Circus magazine in the next few issues)

-I am blocking out Thursday afternoon to begin working on my Master Level in knitting. Thursday afternoons will remain dedicated to this except when unavoidable deadlines or health crap gets in the way.

- Knit Circus Magazine is going online in early February with thier Spring issue. I will have a shawl pattern (based on another obscure antique stitch pattern I translated into modern terms) and a book review in that issue. I will have another book review in the Summer issue when that comes out. I will be submitting at least one pattern for the Summer issue (socks for little girls). I really like working with the Knit Circus staff. They are terrific people.
I am honored to be a stop on their blog tour, too. (currently scheduled to stop by here on February 10th).

- I treated myself to several knitting books I have been longing for. I am having a wonderful time sipping at each one in turn, soaking in information, enjoying what other knitters are doing with the craft. I will probably write reviews for at least some of them when I am done absorbing them. Always something new to learn, thank goodness! :-}

So, a lot going on for such a quiet retiring person like myself. (Someone clap my brother on the back to keep him from choking on his laughter) :-}


Zina said...

Goodness, but you're a busy girl! Love watching you go, Diana. :)

Leslie said...

You go girl! It will all come together! Congrats on the Knitpicks deal. that's rocking!

Kym said...

What am I doing with my time. . . :0) Maybe you and Oscar could come and sit in my living room. I can bring box after box to you, and you can sort me out! Great idea, huh?

Lynx said...

@Kym: nice idea, too bad SOME of us are beyond sorting out! (Yes I mean me)
@Dusty: and just think, as soon as I go through them one more time and then get them ready for postage, you will be getting at least one more knitting book.... well, knitting/crochet.... It is amazing how much better some stitches are for knit, while others are best looking in crochet. And in this book you will have side by side photos to compare them!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a lot going on. Good for you! Which knitting books did you get?

Kelly said...

Which brother get's the slap in the back? If it's me I always knew you were a busy body. Love ya Kelly