Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It is amazing what an inspiring class can do.
I did a little basic math last night.
Since taking the classes given by Mary Beth Temple in October, I have created and published (or submitted and had accepted) 8 patterns.
Previous to that, I was averaging about 1 per month, and all self-published.

Add to that I have a pattern that will be published in Knit Circus in February, and 3 more patterns inches from being finished that I expect to have available by the first week of January.

And I have 7 patterns already at least partially written with swatches made waiting in line, and countless notes for further pattern ideas that I've jotted down.

I don't really expect to keep up this pace forever, but I will ride it while it lasts.

Thanks Liz, that was a heck of a birthday present!!


Kym said...

Diana -- You are a pattern-writing maniac!!! Have fun riding this wave! :-)

Shelby Allaho said...

Wow, you are superwoman! Long live the wave!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I have an upcoming post about desires to design. Can you tell me more about the class?