Saturday, December 19, 2009


Let's see. We celebrate the Miller family Christmas on the 27th.
I want to give my brothers, their wives, and the nieces and nephs each a knitted gift.
Plus I want to send a summery thing to my niece who lives down south.
We are not rigid about gifting, it's fine if people don't get their gifts for a month after the celebration, but I really want to have them done by the 27th.

I have gifts done for neices Liz, Maddie, and maybe Bricelyn, and one for Breana, and have almost finished the one for Robbie. I had planned to do something different for Bricelyn and Breana, but that can wait.
I have something I can send to the southern niece, Amanda, but I will wait until next month to send it.
Dad and Mom already got their gifts when I visited earlier this month, so that's ok.

So still to make are 3 for my brothers, and 2 more for my sisters-in-law. the items I plan should only take 1 or 2 days at most, each.
That seems doable, Good, I feel much less rushed!

I had planned to do more knitting for Oscar this year, but decided the best thing I can do for him is bring in more money. So I have been focused on completing patterns for submission, instead.

On that front, I am 7 rounds shy of finishing a sock. When my sock blockers come I can block the two pairs of socks, take some photos, and get the patterns in the mail next week. I need to do another 2 samples of the Elijah hat too. I originally knit a few of them in Knit Picks yarn, but they have been donated to a local homeless shelter. (see Oscar photo above for the one-color version)

I have a quite a few patterns beyond the two sock patterns waiting in the wings, but they can wait until January.

I also have 3 book reviews due before January 1st, and I can only work on them when I am alone, so I need to plan them around Oscar's work schedule.

I want to have a vestigial website set up by the first of the year also.
Part of the payment for the submission accepted by Knit Circus is an advertisement, and I really want to be able to point to :-} I own the name, I just need to figure out hosting and get the html written before the online magazine is published the beginning of February.
The ads are due the beginning of January, so I need to at least have a 'work in progress' page there before submitting the ad! Oscar said he will help. :-}
Of course this means I need to draw out my logo next month! I have it drawn in my head, but that won't scan very well, at least with current technology LOL.

I do like being just busy enough, and I think I've succeeded in not being TOO busy, even during the holidays.

Oscar has a few days off next week, so we can celebrate Solstice.
I plan to take a few days off pattern writing and focus on family knitting and spending time with my favorite male model :-}


Lynx said...

Just out of curiosity, where did the name for the Elijah hat originate? It is a way-cool design! And gads, girl, when do you find time to breathe?!?!?

I want to be Aunt Diana when I grow up (if *that* ever happens!)

Kym said...

Diana -- you are a marvel! It's clear you love what you do -- it must provide you with extra energy.
Enjoy the solstice! (Great photo of Oscar, too.)