Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Learning By Doing

I decided to learn how to design a lace triangular shawl, by making an existing design, and it worked pretty well! It really helped me grok the relationship between the chart and the stitches, and now I feel free to go forward with some of the lovely antique lace patterns I have been translating this summer. I hope to make some triangle shawls, and at least one Faroese-shaped shawl.

I used the free pattern 198 Yards of Heaven designed and generously provided by Christy Verity

I of course changed it up a bit, using slightly larger needles and adding a few rows of contrasting color.
Both yarns are Malabrigo Merino Worsted. The main color is Velvet Grapes, the contrast is Azul Bolito (possibly my favorite shade of blue, although it is hard to choose).


Leslie said...

OMG, that is beauteous.

I also saw that you were in the 10 in 2010.

Is this going to be one of yours?

Lynx said...

oh wow that is astoundingly gorgeous *no surprise there...*
I have no skill at lace, so am twice as impressed as usual by your skills therein!

Lyon said...

Tre awesome! Looks like a spiderweb and I love the colors together.

Lynne said...

You visited me while back and I didn't get back to you sorry!
Love the bright shawls.
Happy new year.