Monday, November 16, 2009

Smokey Spice Squash Soup

This is what I plan to make tomorrow. I designed this recipe back in 2007, and came across it again today. It will be perfect for Wednesday, when Oscar brings home fresh crusty artisan bread after his doc appointment.

Smokey Spice Squash soup

-1 medium sized hubbard squash (or other winter squash, about 2-3 pounds)

-chicken stock -1 carton kitchen basics

-roasted red peppers - maybe 1/2 a jar, 3-5 peppers

-garlic (3 tbs, or 4 cloves minced)

-1 large onion

-ginger - 1/4 tsp

-peanut butter - 1/2 cup

-great northern beans, rinsed 1 can

-chipotle pepper, 1/4 tsp, more if you like spice (1 piece about 1/2 inch square, ground.)

-pinch of cardamom

-two pinches whole mustard seeds, ground

-cumin - 1 healhty pinch whole seed, ground

-1 tsp lemon juice right at the end. (this year I am substituting vinegar)

Hack squash up, and partially roast the pieces, maybe 20 minutes. Allow to cool, then peel and place in soup pot or crock pot.
Add chicken stock and the rest of the ingredients.
Cook low and slow until everything is tender.
Turn off heat
Add the lemon juice (or other acid)
Blend until smooth and thick. (I like my stick blender for this)

Great with hearty artisan bread
Freezes well
Makes 6 servings.

copyright Diana Troldahl Sept. 2007


Karen said...

This looks delicious and perfect for a dark November. Thanks, Diana!

Lynx said...

mmmm, now I is hungry!!!

morewithles said...

That looks amazing. Too bad we have nut allergies in our house!