Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wandering Through Cyberspace

I spent a little time yesterday exploring, and it cheered me up no end.
Here's a seasonally appropriate site.

The MUSEUM OF BAD ART I'm afraid is a place I can spend all too much time... They even have a chance for you to become a 'Guest Interpreter" by naming and interpreting THIS LITTLE GEM.

"Where Knowledge Junkies Get their Fix" is the subtitle for a magazine called MENTAL FLOSS. Although the main part of the magazine has many worthy articles (currently including "The Five Gutsiest World Leaders, an article about global inoculation and the future of the Panama Canal), all available with paid subscription; I confess I am drawn to the less topical stuff. Things available for free on their TRIVIA PAGE, for example. (Random fact generator, many quizzes, and list upon list of semi-useless information)

I'm not all fluff and giggles, though, there is a site I found that geeked me right out:
SPACE SOUNDS. Now yes, they do have actual recordings of sounds coming from space, but they also have recordings of the communications from NASA missions as well as recorded talks from scientists on various spacey topics. I like their little interactive solar system thingy, too.

And for those of us who can't get enough of learning, there is this fantastic site called
ACADEMIC EARTH. Free online video lecture courses on subjects ranging from an Introduction to Ancient Greek History, to an Introduction to Astro Physics and wandering among The Top 10 Things You Must Have to Start a Business and Communication and Conflict in Couples and Families. Not all of the lectures appeal to me, but the course on SCIENCE, MAGIC AND RELIGION sounds fascinating.

WOOT! Just got another link I know I am going to love. ETYMONLINE.
Its an online etymology dictionary. I LOVE etymology.

And another

Wandering cyberspace is a great way to spend some time. If you feel the urge yourself, a great place to start is WORLD'S BEST WEBSITE AWARDS where they link to all the nominees. I think I'll start my journey there the next time.

(Photo from Matthei Gardens, again, I call this one 'Tapestry')


morewithles said...

Someone sent me the "Why Pets Hate Halloween" photos -- many of them made me laugh out loud!!!

Kym said...

Just what I need, Diana! More cool sites to check out when I feel like avoiding household chores! ;^)

AlisonH said...

As the daughter of a modern art dealer, that Museum is priceless!

Mokihana said...

Wow, thanks for all the links! It's too late to check them out tonight but I will tomorrow!