Saturday, September 19, 2009

Still Exciting (and a little sad) Times

I've had a lot of things happen the past few weeks. The pattern I submitted to The Anticraft will be published in early October (the same week as my birthday). I am planning a submission to Creative Knitting, for the September 2010 issue. I was provided yarn support for another pattern from Knit Picks, I plan to submit to Knit Circus for their Spring 2010 issue, and of course I have a few patterns to publish myself.
And I just found two antique patterns that with updates will make fantastic socks, and discovered a technique I've never seen before that would make a great article for a knitting magazine.
And that's not touching the file of partially written patterns I want to complete and or submit this Fall and Winter.
I am so very grateful that I have so many ideas. The problem lies in not over scheduling myself. What if three magazines accept my patterns, and they all want the samples done the same week, with two weeks notice? It can happen, you know.
I am taking a class right now on submitting patterns for publication. I have already learned tons, and it's only the second week.
The busyness is good, but it has not kept me from a particularly lonely time. For some reason, I am missing my old dog Kitsune terribly this week. We had to let her go last summer, and although the pain of missing her is not as sharp, she was such a huge part of my daily life it is no wonder I still grieve a bit. More than a year later, I still feel very much alone without her here.
I wonder if I got another dog if I could take proper care of them, though. It took a lot out of me, caring for Kitsune those last few months; and although another dog may not have her health problems while young, I doubt my ability to meet their needs as I should for their lifetime. So for now the idea of getting a dog (although I would dearly love to have one) is on the back burner. I will accept the fact of the grief, and try and move past it to accomplish other things. And maybe visit our local holistic pet food shop for Pug day once a month for some puppy kisses.
Life on the whole is pretty darned good, compared to what it could be.
(photo above is of Dragon Butt hat, to be published as a toddler pattern some time next week. Below is one of my favorite photos of Kit. She was a happy girl, especially when she was able t play in muddy water. :-}


Anonymous said...

Sorry you are hurting but I'm glad that knitting is providing some distraction...

Leslie said...

What a great post and thanks for sharing Kit's picture.

Mokihana said...

You know, I still miss my parakeet, 'Anuenue. Just thinking about him makes me cry big tears. And my cat 'Ukulele who died suddenly and w/o warning, same with my velcro dog, Hollyberry.

You are so creative, and I'm sure that it helps with the sadness. The dragon hat is adorable. Loved the photo of Kitsune, too.